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Personally, when I was on a weight loss plan, I was able to go for a period of time eating 3-4 small meals (~500 calories per meal) each week. This only lasted for a few weeks, and during that time I lost an average of a pound each day. During that time, I walked 4-5 miles every day and remained almost as active as normal, with only very slight changes..

GNC lists online that they carry a number of Atkins "goodies" You should verify they SUPER SLIM have them in stock in the store before a long drive. Here is there address and phone number:Vitimin Shoppe - Again they list a number of Atkins "goodies" on there site. You should again verify that they have them in stock before you spend a bunch of time driving around.

Then there are 4 heavier work out days where I lift a lot more and mostly stick with strength training. Strength Training is the core of my work out as during my work schedule, as I am constantly walking around (I work in a hospital) and up and down stairs all the time. I average around 6 miles a day at work..

And it was kind of emotional eating. I snacked at a friend's child's birthday party and ate a pint of Ben and Jerry's when I got home. But I did exercise this morning. Leave it to soak, covered and in the refrigerator, throughout the day. When you are ready to cook your supper, heat a no-stick skillet on medium-high heat. Add your protein and brown it on both sides.

"If you take a drug, and when you get off it you gain your weight back, it is not better than going on a short-term diet," she says. "What people mean when they say 'I am going on a diet' is something temporary. Diets only work short term, just like the drugs. Most meals are served with pulses, usually lentils, but sometimes dried peas, chickpeas or beans, cooked in a sauce to be poured over rice. Pulses are rich sources of protein, fiber, and a wide range of vitamins and minerals. Other typical side dishes include vegetable curries, pickles and yogurt, and for individual flavor adjustments -- red onion, fresh lime lida daidaihua wedges and whole chilies..

Expert answer Hi, Todd. While there is a definite genetic component to obesity, which ranges anywhere from 40 to 70 percent, our current understanding of the interaction between the genetics of obesity, diet and weight loss is limited. There are several hundred genetic regions that have been associated with being obese or overweight, but to my knowledge, none of them has been definitively associated with the potential effectiveness of a specific weight loss program.








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